Speakers Nov 19 AGM

This year’s AGM & Get Together will be held November 19th 2011 at The Wellington Hotel Boscastle.

Speakers are:

Tabitha Cadbury Collecting Magic

Tabitha says ~ My talk will focus on one aspect of the Museum of Witchcraft’s collection, the everyday charms & amulets used by ordinary folk attempting to ‘accentuate the positive’ & ‘eliminate the negative’ in their lives. The objects in question include rubbing stones, moles’ feet, WWI soldiers’ amulets & Neapolitan glass charms. Using images of similar objects in museums all over England, I will point out how Cecil Williamson’s collection interconnects with these through the late C19th & early C20th folklore movement & through collectors such as the prominent London folklorist Edward Lovett. Who collected these powerful things, & how have their meanings changed over time?

Tabitha Cadbury is a museum curator & researcher. She studied anthropology & world arts & has worked for the British Museum, Cambridge University Museum of Archaeology & Anthropology, Royal Albert Museum in Exeter & the Scarborough Museums Trust. She is an active member of the Museum Ethnographers Group & currently a Curator of Human History at the Plymouth City Museum. She is planning a doctorate on charms & amulets collections.


Elayne Hoskins Folklore on Film


Steve Patterson The Magic of Boscastle


Simon Costin Museum of British Folklore Update

Saturday Evening Musical Entertainment

Boscastle Buoys
and hopefully Tros en Treys TBC


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